Welcome to the BigDeal Store


A fashion-forward clothing destination curating the world’s best collections for men under one roof

  • The BigDeal Store started as a small clothing store in Chennai, providing a wide range of unisex clothing. Over time, we encountered a huge factor missing in the world of style. Men’s fashion was rarely talked about. It was rarely discussed, and in some cases, even shunned from conversations. So our response was to throw the spotlight on men’s fashion and to showcase all the styles available for men Since you deserve only the best, we’ve
    collected the top trending brands and placed them all in one store. You can choose from a variety of styles, from athleisure to party wear, casuals to formals, and more, with a special focus on plus-size clothing. We promise the best of retail therapy with a 100% attention to every King who steps into our store. Come, fall in love with our premium shopping destination. Come, visit the BigDeal Store.

  • Our mission is simple – to provide the world’s latest styles to the fashion-forward trendsetters of India. We offer aunique, customized, in-store service to all our customers. We firmly believe that the customer is King. And a King deserves an indulgence worthy of royalty. We go above and beyond to satisfy all your fashion needs. We take pride in our branded collections, curated with love and care for every well-groomed Indian.